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Book scanning for faster turnaround time and affordable pricing for those who don't require the book any longer. Destructive book scanning will remove the binding from your book and is scanned page by page ensuring the highest quality image scans and character recognition. After ensuring that it looks great on your E-reader device we recycle the book afterwards.

  • Files electronically emailed within 5-10 business days or 2-3 w/ Rush
  • Free Optical Character Recognition (Searchable PDFs)
  • Free Full Color Scans, INCLUDING COVERS
  • Files conveniently named to the title of the book
  • Ship directly from online book stores straight to us

Per Book Price (Add to cart to view final price) (Book Collections/Series do not count as one book, every bound book is considered a separate book)
$9.95/ea for 1 book
$8.95/ea for 2-19 books
$8.45/ea for 20-29 books
$7.95/ea for 30-50 books
$7.45/ea for 51-75 books
$6.95/ea for 76-100 books
$6.45/ea for 100+ books